SK-II Facial Treatment Essence | REVIEW

Hey guys! Today’s post is another skincare one (cause I love skincare, and it’s damn important) on SK-II Facial Treatment Essence AKA FTE.

Alright, so I’ve always wanted to try out this product but never did until last year because of its ridiculous price tag. In my junior and final year of college (2015-2016) I decided to splurge and get the starter kit ($100, which is pricy for a college student!) and try it out as a graduation present.

This is the big kahuna sized bottle I got a several months after finishing the starter kit and missing how my skin used to look! It’s a whopping 11 fl oz for a wallet dying $290 USD.

It claims to be a miracle water that:

  • Replenishes skin’s moisture to help prevent skin dryness
  • Helps smoothen skin surface texture for soft & smooth skin
  • Helps moderate skin’s renewal cycle
  • Penetrates better than a cream

Ingredients (from SK-II website): Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate**, Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Aqua (Water), Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Sorbic Acid. **Pitera

The FTE has this special ingredient that they’ve trademarked as Pitera which is actually: Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate. It has a cute little background story about how the old sake making ladies had really nice and minimally wrinkly hands despite their age and they discovered it was due to the fermentation byproducts and whatnot.

Anyways, the texture of the FTE is typical of other essences. It’s clear, watery, and dries extremely fast once its put on the skin. It smells nasty and STANKY but you get used to it after the 2nd or 3rd day, so NBD. The products suggests you put some on a cotton pad and wipe your face with it but no one is crazy enough to waste all that leftover product on a cotton pad. So, I suggest after washing your face and toning, shake 4-5 drops (or almost a full pump if you have the big bottle) onto CLEAN hands and gently pat the product onto your face. Any leftover product can just be patted onto your neck and chest or rubbed into your hands. Nothing goes to waste!

As for whether or not it does what it says, I lean much more in the realm of YES IT FREAKING WORKED THANK GOD. It’s a pricy product so I was really really hopeful that it would work and it did just that. I found my skin to be much brighter and softer after the first week. I also had a lot of acne scars and hyperpigmentation that seemed to looked a lot more faded than they were a week ago. I don’t really have any skin dryness issues but I did find that my foundation glided on a lot smoother and easily because my skin was smoother. Also, any dry patches from the frigid winter air was noticeably smaller so maybe it did help prevent skin dryness? If you have dry skin you’ll have to tell me how it worked!

Once I ran out of the product in May 2016, I didn’t repurchase until mid September 2016. During that 4 month absence I noticed my skin texture worsen. It wasn’t as smooth or bright as before. Once I repurchased the FTE I started getting compliments on my skin texture from people. It’s sad that the product did not have permanent effects but most products need continual use to keep those results up anyways. Ah! I know Missha has a dupe for the FTE but when I tried it like a year or two ago I had a bad acne reaction to it. Not sure if it’s because I bought it from Amazon and it was a fake or not but maybe I’ll try it again from a reputable seller once my bottle of FTE runs out!


It worked. My skin was most definitely brighter, softer, and more smooth after a week of using it morning and night. It’s not the best smelling, but there aren’t any fragrances trying to cover up the scent so thats a good thing, kinda. The product is clear and watery and dries fast. It’s an easy step to add into your skincare routine if you don’t already use an essence. It’s real expensive though (2.5 fl oz for $99), so I suggest buying the $99 Pitera Essence kit from like Sephora or Nordstrom where the return policy is more lenient and try it out for a week or two. You get a 2.5 fl oz bottle (which is alreadyy $99), 1.0 fl oz Clear Lotion, and a face mask for the price of the smallest FTE size they offer. It’s not bad, but it’s much better than just buying the 2.5 fl oz alone. What I don’t suggest is buying the kit, using it all, and returning it just because you can. Since that’s not cool. You can do it, I won’t stop you cause I know that times are tough, but just sayin’… Anyways, try it and see if you like it! If you want a cheaper alternative try the Missha dupe (from a reputable seller) and cheers to you if it works just as well!

Rating: 4/5 cause the price makes me want to vomit.


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