Lazy Girls Everyday Eyes | TUTORIAL


Hello hello hello! Should Thursdays be “Tutorial Thursday”? I wish I could come up with something more creative for the title, so we’ll just say the title is currently a work in progress. Anyways, the eye makeup today is a neutral and super easy look I do whenever I’m going out somewhere casual. It’s using the Urban Decay Naked Palette (which I feel everybody and their mother has) and a Colourpop eyeshadow. I did use 3 different brushes for this but I’ve done this look with just my fingers and a blending brush before. Now, onto the tutorial! Btw, I am well aware I need to improve my camera shots, haha! No clue what I was thinking when taking some of those shots. My eyes are barely in frame gah. Also, the pictures go from left to right!


  1. Curl your lashes! I like to do this because I feel like I’m able to do my eyeliner while seeing what my lashes will look like before I put on mascara. Definitely your choice though. Do what works best for you!
  2. Use a primer. I used UD primer potion and spread it all over my lid up to my eyebrow and down to my lower lash line.
  3. Put down a neutral base color. I used Urban Decay’s “Naked” with a flat shader brush. You can also use your clean ring finger and pat it on all over the lid.2
  4. Add a shimmery champagne color onto the inner corner and inner half of your lid. I used UD’s “Sin” with a fluffy blending brush.
  5. Use a warm matte caramel brown as a transition shade (Colourpop’s “Cornelious”) in the outer half and blend the middle into sin. I used the same brush but just wiped off Sin on a damp cloth.3
  6. Now we’re going to add some depth. Use a darker warm brown in the outer corner/crease area and blend it into the transition shade with a small pencil brush. I used a frosty dark brown (UD Darkhorse) but a matte brown would look gorgeous as well. I used a small amount since I wanted to keep it pretty tame but if you wear glasses or want to go darker I suggest adding more of the dark brown.
  7. Tightline your eyes with a black waterproof eyeliner. I’m using Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner in Black. This’ll give the illusion of thicker lashes. Make sure to get in between the lashes, otherwise you’ll see gaps of skin showing through!4
  8. We’re almost at the finish line! Line and wing out your eyes with a brown liner. I like brown as it’s softer and less harsh looking than black. I created a wing, but didn’t go all the way to my inner corner. Wings depend on your eye so try a couple different lengths and sizes to see what works best for your eye shape! I also like to smudge the outer half of my bottom lash line with the same liner so it’s not too top heavy.
  9. Apply your favorite mascara! I prefer waterproof formulas since they keep my Asian stick straight lashes nice and curled. Use as many coats as you want, depending on how dramatic you want it to be… and you’re DONE!


Alright my chingus! This is the final look. It’s wearable for basically every place and works well with all sorts of lip/blush combos. Play around with the intensities to change up the “feel” of the eye or add a bright red lip for some more oomph! Enjoy!


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