Acne Skincare Routine

Happy mondays fam! I said I’d do my skincare routine so here it is! Remember, my skin care routine may not work for you. Everybody’s skin is different and reacts differently to each product. You have to experiment and really curate your routine to fit your lifestyle and skin needs. If you’re lazy or really busy then a Korean 12,984,734,875 step regimen is not going to work out so stick to more basics, and vice versa! As a quick rundown on my skin: it’s normal/combo skin. I have an oily t-zone and normal everywhere else. I have really sensitive skin with breakouts mainly occurring on my cheeks. I do not have any cystic acne and never had so I can’t give any advice on if it work on that type of acne.


My morning routine is very simple. When it comes to skincare, I believe that “less is more”. I’ve tried the 10-12 step routine and it’s just too much for me to handle mentally and too much for my skin.

  1. Wash your face! It’s so important to wash off any products from the night before and oil buildup. You wanna get rid of the bacteria and gunk off of your skin! Honestly, I just go in with a wet towel using gentle scrubbing motions to make sure my face is clean. Then I’ll give it another rinse with water and I’m done.
  2. Essence! I use my trusted and tested SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. I’ll take a little more than half a pump or 4-5 drops onto clean hands and pat it onto my face and décolleté area.
  3. Toner! I know most people use a toner then an essence but my toner is a moisturizing lotion so it’s slightly thicker than my essence, hence the reason why I use it after. Either way, it’s getting absorbed into your skin regardless, just do most liquid-y products first! I use the Hada Labo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist and do Chizu Saeki’s 3 minutes mask using SELENA Multi-Layer Cotton Puffs. Note: use this lotion/mask technique with a damp face. It works much better than applying the mask onto a dry face. You’ll absorb moisture from the product and atmosphere much more effectively (especially if you live in a dry climate). Sketch4523735.png
  4. Moisturize! This is self explanatory, but apply your favorite moisturizer after the toner has dried. I like Shiseido’s Pureness Matifying Moisturizer. It’s light and matifying and does not react with my skin!


This is where most of my acne products come into use. I like the hassle free way of life. Haha, just put on the product and go to bed and you’re done!

  1. Wash face. I use St. Ives Green Tea Blackhead Clearing Scrub. It’s not a miracle face wash but it’s cheap and gently exfoliates without using microbeads. With all exfoliators though, don’t work it too hard into your skin. Use it gently and don’t over exfoliate.
  2. Essence: same as my morning routine I use SK-II’s FTE.
  3. Acne Treatments. I skip the toner at night. There’s no reason other than I’m lazy and I just don’t feel like my skin needs the extra moisture. Instead I go in with Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment onto any acne, let it completely dry, then use Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum on top. I end my routine here without a moisturizer because the DE Glycolic serum kind of acts like a moisturizer and serum together. It keeps my face nice and soft without having to use a moisturizer. But I do stress that people with acne or oily skin shouldn’t shy away from moisturizers. If you don’t use them your body might think it’s lacking moisture and produce even more oils, which in turn produce more acne!
  4. On days I don’t use the acne treatment I’ll throw on a sheet mask. I love love love My Beauty Diary sheet masks. I think the black pearl and pearl ones are amazing.

That’s it guys! Like I said, I prefer a more simple routine. It’s faster and works just as well. Hope you enjoyed reading about my skincare routine!

Until next time!

Disclaimer: all these products were bought with my own dolla dolla bills. None were sent to me for free. I only give honest reviews and opinions after adequate amounts of testing.


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