I’m a huge stationary fan. Honestly, what helped me study during college was having aesthetically pleasing stationary. I totally enjoyed taking notes or reviewing because I had some really cute and great quality products to use. I’m not at a studyblr level yet when it comes to my notes, but I don’t really have time to make them that pretty regardless haha! Here are my top 10 favorite things to use for note taking or reviewing!

  1. Zebra Mildliners – These are a set of Japanese highlighters. The color set  I have is called ‘Pastel’ (I think!) and it is just that. The highlighters are a lot more mild (hence the name) than normal highlighters. They are not in your face fluorescent and that’s what really drew me to them. They’re also dual ended so you have a pointy felt tip end for underlining and the standard slant tip for highlighting. Mildliners are amazing in the fact that they don’t bleed through. I rarely see any bleed through even with a variety of papers. The one gripe I have with this is that I’m left handed and it doesn’t dry as fast as I want on glossy textbook paper. Sometimes I’ll accidentally smudge it with my left hand but I’ve gotten used to that and just give it a second more to dry.
  2. uni-ball Vision Elite Rollerball – These pens are my absolute favorite to write with. I prefer a fine point (0.5-0.3mm) and these ones are amazing. The finer point isn’t scratchy on the paper nor do they skip. The pens are very smooth and dry quickly. I don’t think they dry as quickly as Zebra Sarasa Dry Gel Pens but they are much more accessible. The pens also have a window so you can check your ink level without taking apart the pen. In addition they look really darn professional.
  3. uni-ball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil – This is my choice of mechanical pencil. I did a lot of hard sciences in college where I had to do calculations on calculations and using a pen just isn’t practical. I would rely on this mechanical pencil because it’s easy, comfortable, and has a cool feature. The pen automatically rotates the lead whenever you lift it up to make sure you have a sharp point all the time!
  4. uni-ball Signo 207 Retractable Gel Pen – By now I’m sure you’ve noticed that me and uni-ball are bffs but they do create some really great pens and pencils. This is my favorite retractable pen. I mainly use this during class when I need to take fast and messy notes. It allowed me to jot down the important points and actually pay attention to the content rather than try to write every single thing. It’s ridiculously smooth and quick drying. It’s more convenient than the Vision Elite because it’s retractable but I do find my writing gets really messy because the pen writes so smoothly and quickly. I generally takes notes with this pen, and review and rewrite notes with my Vision Elites. It’s a system that worked wonders for me!campus-notebook
  5. Kokuyo Campus Notebooks – These are the best notebooks to review and compile my notes in. The paper is heavier/thicker than normal and aren’t as stark white so they’re easier on the eyes. I use the semi B5 size. There are 30 pages with 7mm lines (slightly smaller than college ruled) The pages have a dotted and solid line which allows you to create graphs or charts easily and accurately. They also come in loose leaf, smaller lines, more pages, etc. I have all different kinds for different classes depending on how much material the class has.
  6. Mead Five Star 1 Subject Notebooks – These Mead notebooks are what I use to take note while in class. They’re cheaper than the Kokuyo Campus Notebooks but have thinner/lower quality paper. They get the job done when I just really need to do some fast note taking while in class. This is a classic I think everyone is familiar with!planner
  7. Planner – A staple in every student’s backpack is a planner. This can be a digital calendar on your laptop/phone or a physical one. I used a physical one for the first half of last year and started using Google Calendars once I was doing more group related things and had to have a group and individual calendar easily accessible. I got the planner in the picture from Amazon for around $7/$8 so you don’t need to get a $100 planner to stay organized or anything.close-up-flags-pens
  8. Post-it Notes – My favorite way to read a text book is to read the section and write down the most important onto a small square post it note. That way you condense the info into the most important bits and writing it down helps consolidate it into your memory better!
  9. Rectangular post it notes – I love using these ones from Pony Brown. They’re smaller than the square ones but give some color and life to your notes. I use these ones to remind myself to do an example again or write what confused me about the problem etc.
  10. Page Flags – Page flags are very very useful in marking things you need to look over, charts/graphs/diagrams you need to review, or as a way to divide the textbook/notebook. I bought these super cute bears and finger emoticon ones from ebay. You can get them for super cheap and they are totally worth the wait because they are so cute!

If you’ve made it to the end, congratulations and thank you! I hope you were able to find something from my post that you’d think would help you in school or productivity or whatever! As always, thank you so much for reading xoxo


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