Valentines day isn’t exclusively for couples. We might see lots out and about but some of the best V-days I’ve had are with my girls. We’ve had great nights out taking advantage of all the special V-day drinks and stuff. Today, I’m going to show you a smokey peachy/brown look perfect for a night out whether it’s with your significant other or friends! I recently got some Korean eyeshadows (A’pieu, The Face Shop, and Tony Moly) and wanted to try some out in this look before I do a review.


As always, start with clean primed eyes. I’m using UD’s Primer Potion and I spread that all over my lid to brow bone and lower lash line. Next I put Colourpop’s Firefly all over my lid as a base color. It gives a nice clean slate with some pink undertones.


To give some more life to my lid I used Rilakkuma x A’pieu Mineral Mono Shadow (MPK101) all over the area under my crease. This color is a matte nude pink. It’s a sheer shadow so you’ll have to go in a few times to get good color payout. In the crease, outer corner, and lower lash line I used The Face Shop Single Shadow Matt (Marsala Red) and A’pieu Mineral Mono Shadow (MPK02) with a blending brush.


To make this look smokey and ready for a night out I used Clinque’s All About Shadow Duo in “Buttered Toast” and used the darker brown shadow in the outer corner and lower lash line. Make sure you smoke out the bottom lash line really nicely. Don’t be afraid! The “toast” color is very similar to UD’s Smog but more of a satin finish than Smog’s frost finish. I also highlighted my browbone using Tony Moly’s Eyetone Single Shadow (Touch Nude M04). It’s a nude peach tone color. Next I used my finger and patted in Colourpop’s Super Shock Cheek in Wisp over the inner half and inner corner for the shimmer and glow. Fingers work best with Colourpop’s Super Shock products!


Finally I lined and slightly winged my eyes with a standard black eyeshadow and a angled brush. I also took it down to the bottom of my outer lash line. I never go too crazy with my liner because my crease just covers it but I think a dramatic wing would look so nice with this if your eye shape can do it! All that’s left is curling lashes and putting on mascara!

Overall, I think this look is pretty easy to do. There’s not really much technique to it, just go slowly and build up color. It’s much easier to add more than take away. I hope you guys enjoyed this look! Have a great Valentine’s Day xoxo



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