Korean Makeup & Skincare Haul + Review

Hey guys! In my previous post I used a couple of Korean brand eyeshadows that I recently got in the mail. In addition to the shadows I got some sheet masks and lip tints. Today’s post will be a description and mini review of all the things I bought!

I love ordering from Kbeauty websites because of all the free samples you get! I usually order from Cosmetic Love but this time I ordered from BeautyNetKorea and Testerkorea because they had better prices. I think BeautyNetKorea has free shipping normally but Testerkorea had a free shipping promo when I ordered it (shipping is based on weight). For BNK shipping time was normal. I waited about a month before the products arrived, and I also received around 10 free samples with the order. Unfortunately, Testerkorea took like 3 weeks to process and another month to ship AND there were no free samples. In my years of ordering from Korean sellers I’ve always gotten some samples so this was a big let down. Don’t think I’ll be ordering again unfortunately. I highly recommend Cosmetic Love because I’ve had good user experience with their website and normal processing and shipping times. BNK seems pretty decent as well, but the website is a little cluttered and annoying to browse.


I bought lots of mask sheet sets from BNK. I got the Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet and just bought the 11 variety pack. I also bought The Saem Global Eco Mask Sheet (7 pcs) and Secret Key Syn-Ake Wrinkle Mask Pack (7 pcs).

I love all these masks. I much prefer sheet masks because of their convenience and ease. I put it on before bed, watch an episode or 2 of a show, take off the mask, and go to sleep. No mess, no fuss.  As for the quality, they are all great. Lots of serum and the masks fit my face nicely. They also have not broken me out or caused any reaction. I wake up with nice plump skin and this lasts for a day or two. With that being said, don’t expect permanent/long lasting results with any type of sheet mask. Your body will absorb, break down, and use up all the nutrients you let your skin soak up pretty quickly. All the masks have a scent. It’s not the same but it’s not fragrance free either. It’s a nice smelling scent though so I’m not too bothered by it. I’d give the masks an 8/10!


I also purchased Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint in Cherry Ade and Strawberry Ade. I think these lip tints are great. You can build up the color and they dry quickly. The tints are long lasting but do not hold up against greasy foods. The fat will just break down the tint and it’ll disappear. But, it’s cheap and small enough that you can just carry it in your bag when you’re eating out and reapply. The bad thing is that you don’t have super precise application with it as it can bleed and pool into dry areas. It’s watery (as the name implies) and will spread over and into your lips without much effort though. I would rate these tints a 7/10, taking points away for their tendency to accentuate dry lips and pool in those patches and can drip and get messy if you don’t wipe off the excess product from the doe foot applicator.


I purchased 6 single shadows from 3 different brands (A’pieu, Tony Moly, The Face Shop). All the shadows were matte and 4/6 were neutrals. The other two were a muted red/pink and muted pink. I love the packaging of the Tony Moly ones, super Pantone and minimal which I LOVE. The lids do not have any snap or magnetic closure like the other shadows so be careful when traveling with them (be sure to tape them closed). All of the Tony Moly shadows (M04 and M05) were very sheer. They did not have much pigment and I had to swipe several times to get any color showing.


That was the case with most of the shadows though, and I think a lot of Korean brands do that. I’ve noticed lots of their eye makeup uses light coverage and brighter colors to brighten and widen the eye so most of their formulas don’t have much pigment in them. The two with the most pigment were The Face Shop in Marsala Red (muted brick red/orange) and A’pieu MPK02 (dusty rose).


The A’pieu shadows were a tiny bit better in pigmentation but almost the same. The packaging was adorable though with the little Rilakkuma etched in! I honestly would buy more just for the packaging (and they’re pretty cheap $3-$7 depending on what site you’re looking at). The shadows might not be that pigmented but they were still very soft and smooth. No chunkiness or fallout so they’re actually very usable and practical for people who are only allowed to use light amounts of makeup. As for my rating, the higher pigmented shadows (TFC and one A’pieu) get a 8/10 and the rest a 7/10!

Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed my review of these products! I love Korean beauty as they always have such innovative products and packaging is almost always beautiful. The products are all so affordable and I think they are worth giving a try if you want to dive into Korean beauty products. As always, I hope you enjoyed the review xoxo


3 thoughts on “Korean Makeup & Skincare Haul + Review

  1. Beautiful photos! I liked the Etude House’s water tints but because they’re water based they tend to over-dry out my lips 😦 Love love Korean makeup and skincare!! Would love to hear your feedback/suggestions on some of my blog posts! Pop over sometime 🙂 Thanks for the great post!


    1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that with the etude house tints! You should give Peri Pera’s Ink the Velvet and Ink the Airy Velvet tints a try. They are my ABSOLUTE favorite lip tint. such a fantastic formula! Thanks for visiting, I’ll make sure to head over to your blog as well! ❤

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