Rose Goddess | TUTORIAL

So I’ve been really into doing eye makeup. It’s been a lot of fun playing around with different shadows and brands and creating looks. Last weekend I went out with some friends and created this golden purple rosy look. It’s definitely stronger than my everyday makeup but it looks so great for nights out. It looks like you put in a lot of effort, but was actually pretty easy which is my favorite type of eye.


After priming my lid with UD’s Primer Potion I used Colourpop’s Firefly all over my lid. Then I used Bel-Air above my crease and side of my nose to contour and create depth. This will help make your eyes look deeper and create a nice transition color for the rest of the shadows.


I put UD’s Last Call onto the outer and inner third of my lid with a small shadow brush. To deepen it I put Smog in those areas as well but kept it smaller and more concentrated with a pencil brush. In the middle of my lid I used Colourpop’s Come and Get It and blended it in. You want to spend some extra time blending this in with Smog and Last Call so the transition is clean. Using a clean small soft pencil brush and circular motions is the best and easiest way I’ve found.


Next highlight the brow bone and inner corner with Sin. I lined my eyes with a black matte eyeshadow and an angled liner brush. You can always use a liquid or gel eyeliner but I prefer the softness/smokiness of using a shadow.


Finally I took Sophisticated (The Balm Nude Tude palette) and Last Call (UD) onto the outer half of my lower lash line to balance things out. You’ll also want to curl and use mascara or false lashes to finish the look! xoxo


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