BLACKPINK Jennie ‘As If It’s Your Last’ Eye Makeup

It’s been awhile chingus! I’ve been really busy with life as of recently and haven’t had the time to post new content up. I’m so sorry for disappearing, but I’m slowly transitioning back into posting and creating new content! This look was inspired by Blackpink’s Jennie in their new music video for As If It’s Your Last. I loved the eye makeup during the whole video but especially loved the colors and tones used in scenes where she’s wearing that patterned silk crop top and skirt, which btw is from D&G and Gucci and is something I would like to have in my own closet!


Step 1: Prep & Prime your eyes. I used UD’s Primer Potion then added Etude House Look At My Eyes in BE104 Honey Milk. I’ve also done my eye brows Korean style: straight, soft, and natural.

Step 2: I covered my entire lid with Colourpop’s Cornelious and then added into the crease The Face Shop RD02 Marsala Red. I also extended the colors onto the outer 2/3 of my bottom lash line. The shadows go past where my eyes end to create a kind of a triangle/cat eye shape with the shadow. Jennie’s eye had a very sexy shape to it, if that makes any sense! It’s very feline.


Step 3: Into the outer corner I used Etude House Look At My Eyes in BR404 Chocolate Latte. I also added a mixture of Colourpop’s Note To Self and I Owe You into the crease. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t go to far beyond your crease line. Once you open your eyes the color should peek just a hair above your natural crease.

Step 4: After I lined my eyes with a matte black shadow. I made sure to keep the line very close to my natural lash line and extend it into a very thin wing.


Step 5: We’re nearing the end! In the inner 2/3 of your eyelid, apply on a metallic/shimmer rose gold color. I used Nyx’s Rose Dust.

Step 6: Add Colourpop’s Take It Slow (metallic Champagne color) onto the inner corner as well as the inner half of your bottom lash line. Finally, I curled and added mascara!


Here’s the final look after concealer and foundation! I know she had on gray contacts in the music video but I don’t own any gray contact, and the ones I did want would’ve taken like a month to get here from Korea. But, I love this look so much. It’s fairly easy to do but really flattering for all sorts of eye shapes and skin tones. Hope you guys enjoyed! Let me know if there are any other k-pop looks I should recreate!

P.S. I didn’t include a lip color, but the video did look like she had a nice natural coral-y pink lip on. I suggest using Peri Pera’s Ink the Airy Velvet in No. 5 Elf Light Rose or No. 2 Pretty Orange Pink!


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